NSGSS is proposing to establish a battery storage manufacturing and commercialization activity in Senftenberg Germany, to serve the intermittent power generation of the renewable energy industry.

The Charter of NSGSS is to carry out R&D, manufacturing and commercialization activities in battery storage technologies, initially focusing on NiFe and Li rechargeable batteries. This activity will concentrate on finding a solution to insure load following of the renewable electricity generation for the daily and seasonal variation of the residential and commercial users. This could provide for the user a stand alone independent power generation micro-grid, designated by NSGSS the “Sun-owner UPS”

NSGSS proposes to carry out the program in multiple phases:

PHASE 1. Market and install Sun-owner UPS systems with components purchased from third parties. Sales volume 5 million Euros per year. 2014 - 2015.

PHASE 2. Establish a NiFe manufacturing facility for the existing and bank approved technology for 20,000 kWh capacity batteries. These batteries will be sold as part of complete Sun-owner UPS systems, including PV generation, storage and load control and monitoring. We estimate the average selling price for residential use at 12 Euros per watt, leading to the installation of 2MW of PV with 20,000 kWh of batteries, for a total sales volume of 24 million Euros per year. 2016—2017.

PHASE 3. Carry out R&D in parallel with Phases 1 and 2 on next generation of battery technologies. The goal is to complete the development of sealed NiFe batteries, with higher energy density both per weight and volume, and the capability to integrate the NiFe batteries with elements of hydrogen use for the elimination of seasonal variation of the renewable electricity supply (patent pending). During Phase 3, construct the manufacturing capacity for sealed, Hydrogen integrated NiFe batteries with 1 million kWh capacity. The sales volume associated with this manufacturing activity would service 500 million Euros market per year 2016 - 2020.

The space requirement for Phases 1 and 2 is 10,000 square meter and for Phase 3, 100,000 square meter.
The CAPEX for phase 2 is 10 million Euros. The development cost is 2 million Euros. The CAPEX for Phase 3 is 100 million Euros. The jobs created when fully functioning in 2020, are 1000 jobs.

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