Post Free Market Economy (PFME)

  • Premise: Present system does not work
  • 50% of workers unemployed or underemployed, present system can not employ them
  • Economy and man in conflict with nature (global warming, polluted waters contaminated food chain)
  • The unjust distribution of wealth can trigger Apocalypse

Guiding principles of change

  • Non violent, retain elements needed for incentive Greed, redistribute Wealth, retain private property
  • 11th commandment; subjugate the private interest to the common good
  • Life liberty and the pursuit of compassionate happiness
  • Money alone can not create wealth
  • Reduce efficiency, divide the existing jobs among all the people who want to work

The PFME, the Self Sustaining Compassionate Community, SSCC

  • Hybrid political system, a mixture of Democracy and planned economy
  • Self sustaining community, shares in collective ownership
  • Agriculture, industrial and service component
  • Industrial activity suitable for the community scale competitive in quality and     price e.g. PV systems, batteries, product assembly
  • Take over functions of medicare and healthcare
  • Take over aspects of self governing, order and safety

Form a sample community and offer it as a franchise SSCCF

  • Starting size about 1000 households
  • $50 million initial capital
  • 5000 acres of land
  • Starting industry in energy, PV systems
  • Annual revenue of the community $50 million to $100 million
  • Get some funding from government, for giving up unemployment and taking care of the ill and elderly (about $50000 per household, total $50 million)

Mondragon the cooperative manufacturing formula


  • Employee ownership, $20 billion sales, 80,000
  • Job creator
  • Limits on salary scale about 5 to 1


  • Operates according to the rules of free market
  • Forced to be competitive
  • Primary drive is efficiency, minimize labor content
  • No solution to post free market
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